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Sowerby & Topcliffe by-election
30 November 2023


There will be a by-election in North Yorkshire Council’s Sowerby and Topcliffe division in just a few weeks’ time on Thursday 30 November. This follows the resignation of Dave Whitfield (Green Party), who was elected in May 2022 but has had to step down for health reasons.

We’d like to take this opportunity to send best wishes to Dave Whitfield.

Six candidates are standing for election

ELDERS, Dave (Conservative Party )

EXOTIC, Stew (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party)

HALL, John Philip (Yorkshire Party)

LAW, John Timothy (Green Party)

SLADDEN, Dan (Liberal Democrats)

TOMLINSON, Helen Kathleen (Labour Party)


Whichever candidate is elected will be responsible for representing the local interests of Sowerby and Topcliffe residents. That includes working to protect and enhance our natural environment (e.g. around Cod Beck) and, more widely, together with other councillors, overseeing the Council’s climate strategy, the local nature recovery strategy and the local transport plan, all of which will have a big climate and environmental impact.

In the run-up to the by-election, to ensure that voters have the information they need, we’re keen to highlight where the candidates stand on both local and wider environmental issues (e.g. Cod Beck, other green spaces, river quality,  NYC climate policy, footpaths, public transport, planning, energy, cycling infrastructure, litter …) and would like to offer them an opportunity to outline their views here.

To see responses from individual candidates, head over to Sowerby & Topcliffe by-election | Thirsk FoE

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