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Hutton Rudby & Osmotherley by-election
28 September 2023

Following the resignation of County Councillor Bridget Fortune (Conservative), a by-election will be held on Thursday  28 September. 


There are four candidates for this council seat:

Allan Mortimer, Green Party

Duncan Ross Russell, Liberal Democrats

Lee Derrick, Yorkshire Party

David Hugill, Conservatives

As a coalition of climate and environmental groups from across North Yorkshire, we are particularly interested in the candidates' views on 'green' issues at local, regional and national level. What do they see as the main opportunities and challenges of transitioning towards a green economy in the Hutton Rudby and Osmotherley area (and more widely across North Yorkshire and the UK)? 


All candidates were asked by NY Climate Coalition member Climate Action Stokesley and Villages (CASaV), which covers the by-election area along with Climate Action Northallerton,  to say what they would do, if elected, to help address the climate and nature emergency at county level. To date, CASaV  have received statements from  Allan Mortimer (Green Party) and Duncan Ross Russell (Liberal Democrats). Please note that by sharing this statement CASaV and NY Climate Coalition are not endorsing the views of any particular candidate. We will of course immediately publish any responses received from the other two candidates. Our aim is simply to inform potential voters and the wider public of where the candidates stand on these crucial issues. 

Allan Mortimer (Green Party) 

"Climate and biodiversity impacts and improvement actions should be like a golden thread running through council thinking on every issue. It is too important to be treated as an optional afterthought. This is something we have been trying to put into practice at Rudby Parish Council, and I would carry this thinking forward to my work at North Yorkshire Council if elected. These are just a few of the things I have been involved in as a Parish Councillor:

· I helped draft the Council's Climate Action Plan

· I supported the adoption of no mow May as a biodiversity improvement action

· I supported habitat improvements from our tree planting project "Trees for Tomorrow"

· I supported the Parish Council providing seed funding for CASaV.

Click/tap the PDF symbol below to read Allan Mortimer's full statement.


Duncan Ross Russell (Liberal Democrat)  

“Firstly I can assure you that the answers I provided to the NY Climate Coalition Survey in 2022 have not changed.

I recognise that we are in a climate and nature emergency and must do all we can to bring this under control. I have personally demonstrated my commitment to taking action by insulating my home, installing a heat pump and buying only renewable electricity, making my home net zero and drive an electric car.

The Liberal Democrats have made public commitments to cleaning our waterwaysbiodiversity and home insulation amongst many others environmental policies. If elected, I will work with the Liberal Democrats in North Yorkshire Council to hold the conservatives to account on all these issues. I will campaign to ensure that the environment and nature are considered in all council policies.”

Click/tap the PDF symbol below to read Duncan Ross Russell's response to NY Climate Coalition's 2022 survey.


Lee Derrick (Yorkshire Party)

Awaiting response

David Hugill (Conservative and Unionist Party)

Awaiting response

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